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Our first biz we want to discuss is our own company, go figure lol, and that is Limo Service Los Angeles! There's a couple of us that own this limousine company and we are proud to write about it. We started this back in 2001 and ever since we have grown our client base to the hundreds of regular clients. Of course, we have new clients everyday for special events and such but our main form of limo business is for corporate businesses.

By continuing to grow our limousine rental business in LA, we realize that customer service needs to exceed all expectations. This is how we started our company and we continue to make this our main goal everyday. That means from the first call we receive from the public, we make sure our staff is completely trained on how to answer the phone and make all feel as though they are the VIP that they truly are. With that, we then have only experienced limousine drivers that exceed all expectations as well. 

Now, if you are going to be in the Los Angeles area or you live there, check us out at

When reaching out to us, we will definitely give you a special deal when mentioning this new blog! That means you can save money with us right now and have the most luxurious ride inside one of our gorgeous limousines! Get with us soon and let us know what your thoughts are. We look forward to hearing from you all...

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